At Yanta we run a Poll Merino Sheep Stud and a White Suffolk Sheep Stud. Every year we conduct a ram auction where the best of both breeds are sold on the same day through a ring selling system. Surplus rams are available for purchase after the sale. We are located in the hills close to the coast near Tumby Bay, a locality that enjoys a very moderate climate with lovely views.


Wednesday 25th August

Poll Merino Helmsman Auction starts at 12.30pm
White Suffolk Auction starts at 2pm
Inspections from 11.30am

  • 60 White Suffolk Rams 12-14 months old
  • 32 Poll Merino Rams 13-16 months old

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2021 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter includes articles about our recent sire purchases, merino wool growth, the new Helmsman system for our 2021 Poll Merino sale, and the latest on our White Suffolk and Poll Merino rams. Our sale will be Wednesday 25th August 2021.

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New Ram Purchase - Ashmore 190218

Yanta Sheep Studs has recently acquired new stud ram from the Ashmore White Suffolk Sale for $8,200.

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New Ram Purchase - Mernowie 190019

Yanta Sheep Studs has recently acquired the top priced ram from the Mernowie Poll Merino Sale for $13,500.

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As printed in the 2020 Merino and Poll Merino Annual Directory

We are situated near the coast in the hills just north west of Tumby Bay, the country and climate well suited for breeding Merino sheep. We have been breeding rams since 1987 investing in top quality genetics through AI especially over the last few years.

Our aim is to breed white, nourished wool on sheep that are productive, profitable and fast growing. We have been part of MerinoSelect since 2004 and that involves extensive performance recording, with our primary focus on increasing clean fleece weight and growth rate. Using ASBVs has helped us achieve this objective, not only in our flock but in selecting outside sires for our stud. The importance of visual assessment is a vital part of our selection process. All rams used in the stud are progeny tested.

Paul Cousins assists classing and cataloguing the rams, with ex-shearer Julian Webb involved with stud management.

Recent Purchases

Purchased sires of late that more than fulfil those objectives are Roemakita 160018 , Mernowie 170432 a ram purchased for $10,000 at the recent RAS ram sale and Kiandra 160064. AI sires used in 2018 were Collinsville 130242, Poll Boonoke 150026 and Glenlea Park 011739. All rams have ASBVs between 18.5 and 29.6% for CFW and 6.0 and 9.4kg for YWT (growth rate).

In 2019, in partnership with the Mallee Hill Stud, we bought a ram from the Collandra North Poll Merino Stud for $25,000 - a ram which visually exhibits great conformation and wool cut. We look forward to seeing his offspring.


Poll Merinos

  • To breed easy care sheep whose offspring produce more dollars by increased wool quantity and growth rate.
  • To breed sheep with white, nourished, long stapled wool that handles well with structurally correct conformation.
  • Use ASBVs to aid, by measurement, analysis of the breeding worth of the sheep.
  • Progeny test all sires used in ram breeding.

White Suffolks

  • To breed rams whose offspring have high growth rate and have structurally correct conformation.
  • Use ASBVs to aid, by measurement, analysis of the breeding worth of the sheep.
  • To increase eye muscle and fat depth measurements.
  • Breed for low birth weight.
  • Selecting for meat eating qualities.