Yanta’s History

Yanta's History

At Yanta we run a Poll Merino Sheep Stud and a White Suffolk Sheep Stud. My passion for sheep breeding was strongly influenced by my late father, Mot Baillie’s love of Merino sheep. Raised in Lipson, he was allocated a soldier settler farm in 1950 near his family farm. His block was hilly and stony, with scrub-land and creeks throughout. This made it challenging for cropping, but very suited to sheep raising, receiving an average rainfall of between 350mm – 425mm.

At Yanta we started our ram breeding in the mid 1980’s. Before that, we entered our Merinos in local shows. With farm expansion, we now mate approximately 2400 breeding ewes and 80 beef cows annually. We also crop 2000 hectares to wheat, barley, grain legumes and canola.

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