Poll Merino History

Yanta Sheep Studs has a long Poll Merino history, here is a brief overview:

  • 1st on-property ram sale in 1988.
  • Performance recording since 1990, joining Sheep Genetics Merinoselect in 2004
  • Used semen from high profile and performance-tested rams since 1989.
  • Vaccinated against OJD since 2010 and have Ovine Brucellosis-free accreditation, No. 872.
  • Started using electronic ear tags in 2014.
  • The flock originated on Peppin blood, with rams purchased from the Martindale stud at Mintaro, before moving to Collinsville bloodlines.
  • Since breeding rams for sale, studmaster, Don Baillie has purchased rams from Moorundie Park, Collinsville, Nyowee, Orrie Cowie, Ridgway, Old Ashrose, Greenfields, Old Kelvale and Glenville.
  • Artificial Insemination (AI) has enabled the stud to use semen from notable sires including MP N371, Seamour 353, Greenfields PE44(Leroy) and Centreplus 351.
  • There has been a strong injection of Leahcim blood since 2007, regularly using semen from their best performing sires.