Selection Methods

Poll Merino Selection Methods

At Yanta Sheep Studs the poll merino selection methods we use include:

  • Mate approximately 300 ewes for ram-breeding. LAMBING OCCURS IN JULY/AUGUST.
  • All rams are progeny tested to establish their genetic potential to make money under commercial conditions.
  • This involves extensive performance recording of fleece weight, body weight and wool characteristics etc.
  • As the environment and management play a considerable part in raw data collected, Sheep Genetics has been used since 2004 to accurately establish each ram’s genetic worth.
  • All ram and ewe hoggets are visually classed for wool quality and body conformation BEFORE using figures to aid in classing. We aim to produce ELITE, WHITE, WELL-NOURISHED WOOL.
  • A concerted effort has been made to focus on the principal profit drivers, fleece weight (CFW), growth rate (YBW), eye muscle depth (EMD) and micron reduction.
  • Additional information supplied on sale rams include values for Breech Wrinkle, EMD and Fat Depth, as well as breeding values for the other main traits. Index used is DP+.
  • Rams are paddock-run with limited shedding to aid in visual assessment.
  • Paul Cousins assists with classing and cataloging rams, with ex-shearer, Julian Webb involved in stud management.