Selection Methods

White Suffolk Selection Methods

At Yanta Sheep Studs the white suffolk selection methods we use include:

  • Mate 210 ewes and 70 ewe lambs.
  • Ewes drop lambs in July/August, with ewe lambs lambing in September.
  • Scan lambs at 8 months for eye muscle and fat depth.
  • Use Carcase Plus index combined with visual classing to select ewe lambs for mating at 9 months.
  • Best rams are tested for Hypotrichosis.
  • Mothering up and weighing lambs at birth provides full pedigree on all sheep to aid in selection and avoid inbreeding.
  • Selection focus on the main profit drivers, Post Weaning Weight (PWWT), EMD and Fat Depth.
  • Also aim at reducing birth weight and worm egg count (WEC).